View Key Features Of The iChatPro Live Chat System

Features of The iChatPro Live Chat System


Provides accuratet geographic characteristics, country/state/city!


Each visitor to your site and all chat requests include a geo-location feature that provides accurate geographic characteristics, country/state/city, IP address, and browser/system information. Also found in the information is how the visitor arrived at your site, what page they are on and the previous page they visited.

Track Visitors, Navigation History, IP-to-location, OS and Browser details, Referring URL!


The traffic monitoring system built into the iChatPro online chat system is your gateway to know customer behavior. It provides accurate and reliable real-time data on all your site visitors:

  • List of source search engine or sites through which visitors are directed to your website.
  • Know number of visitors that visits your website at any instance.
  • For how long your site visitors visit your website.
  • The operating system and web browser your site visitors use.
  • Your site visitor’s city, geographical region, country of origin.
  • Local time in your site visitor’s country and the time zone.
  • Which web pages your site visitors view on your website.

Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness!


Social media plays a major role in your business branding efforts. It’s actively used to acquire the new customers and try to turn existing ones, in loyal followers. Place Google+, Facebook’s ‘like’ and Twitter buttons into your chat window, and you will start to notice how your follower count rises. Provide online chat support with inbuilt social tools which helps you to spread about your business.

Customizable with text fields and drop downs!


Grab your visitors information before the chat even begins with the chat request form. You can customize the form with text fields, drop downs, checkboxes, and more for the visitor to fill out.

Chat invitations pop up in modal window!


Chat invitations pop up in a modal window (embedded pop up window) on your website. You have the ability to customize this pop up window and make it more attractive.

Customizable Sound Notifications !


You can customize the default sounds which iChatPro live chat web and desktop agents will make when someone visits your website or requests a live chat.

Website chat software inbuilt typing status alert!


A “Typing Status” notification appears in the live help software chat windows to both operators and site visitors when the other end is typing a message while in a chat. The website chat software inbuilt typing status alert makes you more comfortable while chatting with visitors. While you providing useful info to visitors they stay with you by getting typing status alert, they easily get that you are typing about their query.

With each new chat request, a popup notification box will appear!


Receive new chat request popup alert message box on your desktop. Desktop notification is a rather new browser technology that is currently available for Google Chrome and Firefox. With each new chat request, a popup notification box will appear on your desktop.

A simple WordPress plugin that integrates with the iChatPro Live Chat software.


Install our iChatPro WordPress plugin to easily connect to your iChatPro account without any technical skills. Once you enable the plugin, the chat widget will appear on all of your WordPress post and pages that you create.

Additional Features Of The iChatPro Live Chat Software Solution


More than single operator, chat can be initiated effectively with another operator!


Operators can chat with each other through the agent panel. For accounts with more than 1 operator, a chat can be initiated with another operator by double clicking on the operator’s name from the operator list.

Canned Responses can be added through both live chat system admin/operator panel!


Canned messages are pre-defined frequently used messages that operators can select and send instantly without typing the message out. Canned Responses can be added through both live chat system admin/operator panel. Admin can control the visibility of canned responses according to departments, So that each department can view only relevant canned responses.

Trace chats and all responses!


After a chat session ends, a chat transcript may be sent via email on both the operator side and the visitor’s side. The email message template can be customized using variables such as name and chat transcript.

You will enjoy to Rate the performance of the operator they were chatting with from 1 to 5 stars!


After every chat, the visitor is presented with a dialogue to rate the performance of the operator they were chatting with from 1 to 5 stars. The rating can be hidden from your chat window.

Inbuilt interactive graphical reporting utility!


iChatPro provides excellent real time tracking of your advertising campaigns including Google AdWords and more such PPC campaigns. iChatPro live help software builds reliable and highly accurate Hits Log reports which can be used for your web marketing campaigns. It will be easier for you to customize these reports to suit your preference.

Operator Assessment/ Performance Reports and Time Logs of Live Support Service

Five different reports which are designed to provide you with statistical feedback about the way in which live chat from iChatPro live chat program is being used on your web site:

  • Chat Request Report
  • Chat Statistics Report
  • Operator’s Login and Log out Report
  • Average Chat Rating Report
  • Chat Rating Report

Operators can specify a spam IP during a chat session!


Spam IPs will always see an OFFLINE status icon and will not be able to reach an operator, even if an operator is online. Operators can specify a spam IP during a chat session or you can provide an IP address here.

When all operators are offline, the offline chat icon is displayed on your website!


When all operators are offline, the offline chat icon is displayed on your website. By clicking this, an offline message form pops up to allow visitors to send you a message via email and directly within the agent panel. Live Help Software offline message systems carry on your visitors to put their queries via email.

Allows operators to forward an in-progress chat session to another available operator!


Chat forwarding allows operators to forward an in-progress chat session to another available operator or to the general queue of operators.

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